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Zargrifth - The Book
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Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

I am “Wrong Decision”. My twin brother is called “Right Decision”. People are usually mistaken in identifying us, as we look so much alike. Right has been the good guy at all times, and I am cursed [It must be because of the names I think]. I was always very impressed by Right’s personality and used to tail him around. People know him; he is blessed, famous and strong, whereas I’ve been the weak one since birth.
Right is an easy going person, or should I say “Happy-go-Lucky”? He always got his way around. He was surrounded by his admirers all the time, I being one of them. What amazed me the most was that he never tried hard. People just knew where to find him and get a share of his blessings. As we grew older, things didn’t change. No they didn’t, only my admiration for him transformed into jealousy. I became aware of what I am [I was Wrong!].
Being inferior struck me hard. I had everything Right had, for God’s Sake, we’re Twins!! I was only shy. I even tried to copy him and pretended to be Right, still the people who ever got around me were the ones there by mistake! They were not supposed to be there, to be with me. The curse on me affected them too, and they had to face the worst of their lives. The instant I got to know the reality, I turned them back.
But they couldn’t see the good in it. Everyone was happy to be with Right, forgetting, if it wasn’t for me they would still be stuck with Wrong! As soon as they realized their slip, they loathed me. How ignorant of them. No one deserves such treatment. And so the world made me choose the other way. I became evil.
I took the advantage of being Right’s twin, altered myself to what was missing and what more could become of me. Never again did I turn anyone back if they came to me unknowingly. I let them suffer of their ignorance, lack of knowledge and misdoings. I learnt how to create illusions, how to make people believe me and how to mask Wrong with Right. I found my type. People continued to make “Wrong” Decisions and my life became meaningful.
You’d be wondering why after a thousand years I am telling you all this. My story isn’t interesting or something to be proud of. I’ve betrayed many, conned many. I am responsible for destroying many lives. Maybe I’d have stayed Wrong all my life [I was content], if I hadn’t met this little girl.
I saw her at the seashore, the place where I mostly find my prey. It was a fine morning. The cloudy weather and soft cool breeze changed my frame of mind and I took off from work. I stood there, watching the waves fighting their way to arrive at the shore [Huh, racing who’ll reach first], and dying as soon as they reached their destination [No one wins!].
She approached me first. She looked troubled and confused, perfect state to get misguided, but I was already not in a mood to notice. ‘I knew I’d find you here, you’re Wrong.’ said she hesitantly. I glanced at her and continued listening to the music of nature, the waves hitting the rocks. ‘I need your help!’ the determination in her voice took me out of my trance and I turned towards her. She was young and innocent. Her eyes had a gleam of achieving the unachievable.
‘How can I help you?’ I asked, indifferently. ‘I need you to support my Decision’.
Work, satisfaction, fulfillment, revenge all was present in front of me, within my reach, but there was something strange about it this time. ‘You said you know me, you must be aware of the consequences too?’ ‘What is the worse that can happen?’ she asked simply. ‘Go away girl! You don’t belong here.’ How could I tell her about the curse, regrets, losses, emptiness, wistfulness, miseries and sufferings she will find this way? I liked her and I couldn’t possibly let her risk it. Unlike others, she was aware of me if not of the outcomes.
This was the first time someone came to me knowingly; what they want and after a long time in my life, I made Decision not to manipulate someone’s vulnerability. I shooed her away and started to walk by the sea. She followed me, ‘…so she is stubborn too.’ I thought. ‘Girl, you don’t know what you’re after, Wrong Decisions lead to disasters.’ I tried to warn her. ‘I am not making Wrong Decision, I am only deciding Wrong!’ I stopped dead in my track. She smiled. ‘You know the difference, don’t you?’ I continued to stare in her determined eyes and I knew I’d have to help her.
‘Shall we walk?’ this time she started walking confidently beside me.
‘I may not know the consequences’ she was saying ‘but I know what may happen if I DON’T choose this way.’ I was lost in my thoughts. ‘…and be sure, you won’t be responsible for whatever may happen.’ A single nod of acceptance changed my life. I was more than just Wrong Decision now, someone chose me for the better. ‘You’re a nice person.’ She began her farewell. ‘May I call you “Hikmat”? See you around.’ And she left.

Wrong is still my identity, only with a difference now.
Fee Amanillah.


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