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Jan - 16 - 2012

Hope Prevails ...


... a point of agreement

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Okay... that was my friend NuRpUr's mischievous hand behind that post!! She just did this in "seconds" when I turned around to talk to someone! Great going Noooor!

We think accidents happen to others only... and even if we see some accident, we only feel pity for them and move on... but we always forget we are no EXCEPTIONS. And such things can happen to us too... or maybe WORSE.

Somethings, that leave you only shattered to pieces, and you cant stand up to live again. Somethings that take everything away, Somethings that make you worse than D.E.A.D! Those somethings can happen to us, and we are all human beings.

and we just always forget that we are Human beings.

Assalaam O Alaikum,

Just stopped by to drop this line..

" Prayyyyy for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" , Yeah, you got it... I am having my exams. Okay, though they're just Mid terms, but exams are exams... and they suck!!

Wanted to write lots... but not getting the time , I'll be back soon!

Till then, you can browse the links below,

  • Refresh your Iman [My new blog, its all about my Religion]
  • Karachi Metroblogging [Just started to write here tooo, hope you enjoy it]
  • M ' Diary [Oooopss , its a restricted area, keep out :P.. ]

Wish me luck... and Pray for me... !! Miltay hain, Break kay baad... Same place, same blog with the same old boring author!!

Fi Aman Allah.

Assalaam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Eid is here.... and Allah has given us a chance to show our love for Him, and for His people. Lets celebrate this eid in a different way... and instead of taking "Eidi" from our elders, give it to the ones waiting in the other part of Pakistan, lets give them a ray of sunshine in their darkest hours of life, lets fill their faces with smiles instead of fear, lets give their eyes the shine, instead of tears!!!

Please send "Eidi" items , small gifts, packed, to the kids suffering in the effected area. They dont know what has happened to them and why... but they'll be knowing this that this eid of theirs would be different than usual.. we can still make them feel at home... and make their eid a happy one.

Eidi Items can be given at COD, or infront of EXPO CENTER, or at a camp at MAI KOLACHI. (Karachi, Pakistan)
Useful things if given as eidi, would be of double use to them.. e.g good books, stationary stuff, or shoes, sweaters, dresses, and bangles and Henna for Girls, sweets, candies toffees, and biscuits etc.
And if you pack them nicely in gift wrapping papers... with your name on it, it'd be even better :)!

Donate generously, and I am sure Allah will make this Eid of yours Double Blessed one, InshaAllah and Ameen!

P.S: Thanks to Geo Tv for the nice Tag Line.

Fi Aman Allah.


Assalaam O Alaikum,

Lately whenever we are having discussions on "Earthquake 2005"... the topic of Eid surely comes up... and I always say that we shouldn't be celebrating EID... on which I always have to hear lots of stuff, before I can finish my sentence!!

I am obviously aware of whats the Significance of Eid in a Muslim's Life. After the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, its a Gift from Allah, on which we can Thank Him and be happy. Where the meanings of Eid itself are "HAPPINESS".

What I mean, and what I always want to say... after all this destruction, with our fellow Muslims, Human Beings, and our Fellow Pakistanis are facing difficult time, they then have some rights on "us" who claim to be Muslims.
If we just cant help them, if we cant cry with them, we shouldn't forget them either...

Those who understand the situation will understand what I want to say... Theres no real Happiness left around. Even if we try to smile, laugh or try to have fun... we shouldn't forget that there are people who are suffering, and there wont be an EID for them this year, while future still remains dark for all of us.

I've never stopped anyone from celebrating EID, its Sunnah to wear new clothes, and to celebrate the occassion of Eid. But at this time... we can do it differently, while completing the Sunnah, we can do it Simply too. Instead of shopping alot, doing the "Asraaf" [Spending extra than necessary/Spending useless] i.e getting an expensive dress (+ 3 or 4 in number), then all the stuff of matching with it, matching shoes, bangles, jewellery... and everything, we can instead buy a simple dress for us, and by the remaining budget of ours, we can buy lil Eidi gifts for the kids in the effected area... or donate it by any other means we can.

Instead of having a "GREAT EID" in one part of Pakistan, and "NO EID" in one part of Pakistan.. we can have Simple Eid... and EID EVERYWHERE in Pakistan.

I am definite, we can get DOUBLE HAPPINESS by doing this, instead of just celebrating it for OURSELVES. Coz I doubt if anyone will be happy anyway... but by making the needy ones happy... Our Allah will be happy with us too then. And theres no bigger happiness than to give others Happiness, Trust me... and Try it!!!

Fi Aman Allah.

Assalaam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

With the "depression" caused on the earth by the earthquakes... the depression in the people of Karachi has been doubled. While I remember the spirits of Karachiites on the first day of quake, the way they wanted to help, the way they volunteered and worked day and night, for hours and hours... it all has lessened gradually. It is not that the spirits died... but they've been overcome by the fears and doubts.

The gloomy atmosphere around me makes me feel more depressed. Everyday I enter my University with a fear in my heart, that I might hear a bad news about something... someone's death, the daily after shocks in those areas, and Pre-shocks[of Tsunami, what some says!] in Karachi, which jolts the hearts of Karachiites everytime they occur. I feel guilty of smiling or laughing with such situation around.

Just hearing the news of earthquake on all the Pakistani channels, watching the destruction caused by them, people dying, death-toll rising day by day, people suffering, crying, pleading for help... Little innocent children without their parents, loss of whole families, their shelters.. all of this can make anyone vomit.

I dont know about many homes, or many people.. what they think.. what they're doing... but I can say this without any doubt that all of us, who still have got some humanity left in us... cant stop thinking and praying for the effected people.

I feel people in Pakistan are losing hopes. Lately I've been hearing a lot from my family and friends, the discussions about "End of Time", "Death", "Sufferings" and all. But what I dont hear is what they're doing for all this. People are worried about the prediction of Tsunami in Karachi and the earthquakes [courtesy of Mamooun, :S ], and they all fear from the destruction and death and are making their minds and preparing themselves for any similar disaster. But have they still given it a thought that what they should be actually preparing themselves for?

If its really almost the "END OF TIME", do you or I find ourselves prepared for it in reality? If we die today, will we die peacefully?

Do we have enough good deeds to rely on, for the lives hereafter!?

Lately, I got chance to go out... and I was more than surprised to see the kind of "Rush", I've NEVER seen at Millennium Mall (Karachi), people shopping crazily, as if they really wont get a chance again to shop. And not just that, I never saw ANY change at all... in the "MUSLIMS" of Paksitan.

* Remark: I DONT count myself out of all this, so NO OFFENSE to Anyone intended. [Just went out last night to buy some books! :P]

OR maybe, things are getting Normal. I dont like this state of normalizing either. People are forgetting what happened in the Northern Pakistan, because they have not yet experienced it. Its not out of the SIGHT yet, still people are trying to put it off their MINDS...

We all need a change, we need to realize and follow the true path, moreover, if we've worked this much uptil now, we are not supposed to stop... we still have to help our fellow Pakistanis.

Signing Off!!

Fi Aman Allah.

P.S: 1)Why only about Karachi? Coz "Me" living in Karachi, and observing the limited people around me.
2) Whatever I said in this post is just what I SEE , what I OBSERVE, and what I THINK... its not necessary for you to agree with it.

[Source of Pictures Used. ]

Assalaam O Alaikum,

Was just going through the sites, and I thought I should atleast promote some... which are working hard for the Relief Fund Online or Offline.

[Update: another very good site working to record the information for Missing People from hospitals and everywhere... ]
& Ofcourse... Well Known,

There are many more sites, but if we just take out some time ... we still can make a difference in the lives of effected people of the Earthquake by doing a little.. and we can help them make it better every next moment.

Lets just stand together in this difficult time on our Nation... and May Allah's Help be with us.. ameen.

Abu Mas`ud `Uqbah bin `Amr Al-Ansari (May Allah be pleased with him) said: When the Ayah enjoining Sadaqah (charity) was revealed,* we used to carry loads on our backs to earn something that we could give away in charity. One person presented a considerable amount for charity and the hypocrites said: "He has done it to show off.'' Another one gave away a few Sa` of dates and they said: "Allah does not stand in need of this person's dates". Thereupon, it was revealed:

"Those who defame such of the believers who give charity (in Allah's Cause) voluntarily, and such who could not find to give charity (in Allah's Cause) except what is available to them...'' (9:79)
[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

* This is the A'yah in which Allah says! "Take Sadaqah (alms) from their wealth in order to purify them and sanctify them with it, and suppliate Allah for them...'' (9:103)

"And whatever you spend in good, surely, Allah knows it well.'' (2:273)

Fi Aman Allah.



In the whole last week, since the earthquake brought the mass destruction in the lives of Pakistanis we've seen enough responses from all over the world and the Passionate Pakistanis working day and night to make available the stuff our fellow Pakistanis need.

While everyone is trying their best efforts.. the question that arises over here is that is it all Enough?

" All the agencies are now co-ordinated and united - but that doesn't mean we have what we need. We are out in the field and we see with our own eyes that things are beyond the government and the army now.

We need international aid from all over the world. " Said Dr Irfan Noor , From remote Odhi district.

The question is how the government should manage the aid for all the areas... and the things they ACTUALLY NEED... we surely lack management in such crisis. Why are we still unable to make available all the comodities for the effected people even when everyone is doing so much?

" Their first need is shelter. Temperatures are extremely low. People now have food and medicine, but shelter is what they desperately need.

The onset of the cold has changed all our priorities.

I can see that relief supplies are coming in, but tents please, more tents. " , from Balakot.

" Supplies have only just reached here. Doctors are performing surgeries but without sterilisation equipment, surgical tools, without proper sanitation even. " Dr Irfan from Mansehra.

Some of the Facts that looked great... but now I wonder if they were enough of a Help.
  • According to some stats available here about 2000 young girls and boys from karachi were there to volunteer at PAF.
  • According to a survey.. ONLY 15% of people have given donations uptil now. Rest are still to be motivated.

" I've seen doctors in tears. They are on the frontline and they are working with people who are dying, people without shelter, sanitation, and they cannot cope with the trauma.

But I have also seen truck upon truck of aid from ordinary Pakistani people. My UN colleagues have told me they have never seen anything like this. It makes me feel proud.

It is the one positive thing amidst all this misery." [Again said Dr. Irfan Noor to BBC]

THERES STILL A LOT FOR US TO DO.... May Allah make available all the ways to reach to our Needy brothers and sisters. AMEEN.

I only feel helpless... just like we are not making enough efforts... I am not praying enough either I guess... the only thing I can contribute. Allah yet has to take our exam and we still have a lot to suffer for the sins we committed. But lets not lose our hopes and courage... our brothers and sisters need us... Lets just do it as much as we can...

Bahria's Contribution :

I thought I'll give you a quick review about My University's Activities... so if that you need to donate... you yet have another source to TRUST.

The Bimaxian Society of Bahria University, Dalmia, Karachi Campus, is doing a really good job in collecting the donations and managing them well with the help of the volunteers of the society and university. They'd be taking all the stuff along with them by their own transport... to the effected areas like Abbottabad and other places. Such trips would be held every week.

Other than that a whole team of volunteers of Bahrians was organized and by the permission of our Director Farid uz Zaman, they'll be going to volunteer for any physical work required in the effected areas where man-power is needed.
Bahrians have donated generously uptil now and we can see still Lots more is required, lets hope the needy people get it as soon as possible.


" Chaho Ager Tum... Ban Jao Roshniii.... "

I know everyone is j
ust trying their Best and theres help from all over the world... and they know all of this stuff... but only if it'd be help to even a Single person, I'll think I atleast did something which would be better than doing nothing at all.


Things Needed:
Medicines: Pain Killers(for children and Adult), Antibiotics(for children and Adult), Medicines for flu, Dettol, Cotton, Bandages, Syringes etc.
Food/Goods: Powdered Milk, Mineral Water, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Bread, Feeders, Emergency Lights, Oxygen Masks, Warm Clothes, Blankets, Pillows and anything you think would be of use.

Above mentioned things can be given to PAF, PIA or to your nearest Donation Camp.


Donate to: International Aid Agencies working in the Quake Zone.

Please Donate for Earthquake Victims [MKRF]

" Donations can be deposited in any branch of UBL in Pakistan giving following details.

Account Title

MKRF - Pakistan Earthquake Relief Fund

Bank Name

United Bank Limited

Account No.


Branch Code


Branch Name

Al-Rehman Branch

Branch Address

I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi , Pakistan

For international telegraphic transfer from any bank abroad also indicate

Swift Code


  • Make Calls to Donate at 0900-99970 (Pakistan) and 0092212271285 [Rs. 16.18/min + GST]

  • Donate Rs. 3/= per SMS towards MKRF Relief Fund – SMS the word DONATE to 436 – Each SMS cost Rs. 3/= + taxes –Send as many SMS as you can. This is a joint effort by GEO, Mobilink and Ufone

Assalaam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu,

I dont know what to say... I am no one to say anything... I am sitting here peacefully while my fellow Muslims are suffering... that too in the Holy month of Ramadan. While I am enjoying the fabulous feasts of Iftaar everyday and they dont have any thing to eat since two or three days.

I can only thank Allah, for keeping us safe, and I can ask for forgiveness, coz we are no less criminals and sinners and I can only PRAY... for all the effected Pakistanis.. May Allah's Mercy be Upon them.

For every wound on their soul... I have a tear,
For every cry of theirs... I have a prayer.
For the hurt in their eyes, and the cracks in their shelters, I shudder.
The innocence on their faces and their terrifying destinies, I whimper.
I dont know why I thought that such a thing cant happen to us. For me "Tsunami", "Katrina" and "Rita" were just for the bigger parts of the world... why on earth such a little country on the surface of the world would be struck by a hurricane or an earthquake?? Maybe I couldn't feel well the sufferings of the people effected by those disasters when I ought to, anyway. You know it when it happens to you, your family and your Nation.

For a sign and a thought, by all these Punishments of Allah on our wrong doings, especially after the BIG incidents of Afghanistan and Iraq wars and our ignorance towards the true belief... theres no better way of teaching us the way to real meanings of life, "loving the mankind". For we always forget that its Allah who gives, and its Allah who takes it away. He can make you feel more helpless than a small Ant when He wants, and He is the one who grants a new hope everytime.

While its the biggest destruction ever, in the history of Pakistan, I've felt it for the first time... that WE ARE ONE!! Our Pain, Strain and Shame is the same. For once atleast, everyone has put off the ugly masks of races from their faces, and have stood together to serve for Pakistan, their Nation, and their People.

Coming to see... not just Pakistanis... when the whole World is there for you to help you out from trouble and difficult time... one can always hope and dream for a better future; "The Whole World as One" !! Allah knows the ways to bring us all together and to restrain from our sins. Alhumdulillah.

Do you know what a really fun thing to get your mom to do when you stay home from school because you are sick?

You get out all of you’re My Little Ponies from McDonalds and have her do their hair. You can have one with a braid, one with a ponytail, one with a bun, one with two braids, etc… Mom says that they all need lots of hair conditioner!

My mom thinks she knows why they call them “My Little Ponies.” It is because every single child my age is fixated on the word “mine.” Every toy in the world might sell better if they called it “My Polly Pockets” or “My Strawberry Shortcake.” The child may not even be interested in the toy itself, but rather the possession of it. “It’s mine!” is the most common sentence uttered among children, especially when in a group.
[Excerpt from Cassiopeia's Diary]

"Maybe I never Grew OLD.. I keep MY things with ME.. and its "My Little Hurt" which is dear to me, I like to play with it, give it new faces everytime. Dont take it away from me please. Its the only thing which is MINE only."


Last week, i.e my first week in the University after the vacations, a Sir of one subject introduced himself, then he asked us a weird question. "Do you fear?" , more or less all of us were expecting him to ask things about us. [But now i've to agree that it was the best question he could put forward to know about us!], we started to think of the things we fear, cockroaches, mice, exams, fear of failing, future, Jin/ghosts, accidents, death... and what not!?

His next question was, “Why do we fear?”, something I never thought about! But his next statement made me think A LOT. He said, that a person who’s got even a LITTLE fear about Anything at all, is NOT A MUSLIM. I was shocked to hear that, Not EVEN a MUSLIM?? I was thinking what is my fault in it.. if I fear from flying cockroaches, BIG trucks and Mini Buses which people drive crazily? Why he is saying I am Not a Muslim?? I pray, I fear Allah, I try to avoid bad things, sins... and whatever I can!? I wanted more explanation; I wanted to know what is wrong in fearing?

He did elaborate, but left more for us to think. We’re the “Ashraf ul Makhlooqaat”, that is something that we always forget. Jins follow us Human beings, and I shouldn’t act like cockroaches anyway, i.e. seeing them and running away from them screaming, like they do [though i cant hear their screams, but I am sure they do scream by watching Giants like us! Everyone loves to Live.]… I’ve my mind instead.. And I’ve total control over them; I am “Ashraf” than them. And death…? Maybe at times I’d say that I don’t fear death… but if any Car passes by narrowly in a fast speed, I do get a shock that anything could happen. Its because we are too much involved in worldly things that we’ve forgotten the life after death, the real life. We’ve forgotten our Allah; we’ve forgotten what we are here for! This world is not for us Muslims, anyway!

".... now that you are not being, but rather a human being which knows fear all too well, can you honestly say you have moved even an inch closer to eternal peace and joy? Look from your own experience, is anyone that you know abiding constantly in deep harmonic peace? Are they even happy 85% of the time? I in form know of only one being that is happy over 85% of the time. He is my son aged 14 months. He is the most enlightened humanbeing I know.

In a few years time he will be indoctrinated to live in fear and enlightement will be hidden from him. He will no longer live in the loving embrace that is I; instead he will experience doubt, guilt, shame, anxiety and apprehension. He will become a human being and miss the divinity that is always before his. "[Abstract from “Being Human” by Aneek Saleh Mohammad]

Found this article really interesting… and it made me realize more things in my life, my Sweet neighbor Omer, of 9 months only, he’s just started to walk. Two days ago, I was enjoying watching him walk… balancing himself by his hands, taking two steps, then stopping, laughing on his achievements, then again taking two or three steps.. balancing again but falling on the floor still managing to keep himself away from harm. I was just behind him… keeping a watch on his every move.. to prevent him from falling. But I didn’t need to give him support even once, while a heart beat of my heart used to skip on every misbalance of his.. He was smiling and still trying. There was NO FEAR in his heart.. I could see it through… while maybe, I didn’t leave it on Allah completely… to take care of the lil child!? HE loves us more, and HE keeps us save from all harm. Then why cant I trust HIM only!?

“ Everything is loved unconditionally, unequivocally, eternally. God loves unconditionally. God does not care what you have done or what you are about to do. You are loved regardless of any action, any thought or any emotion, no matter how bad you imagine them to be. You cannot escape from His Love; try though you might!”

I got some of my answers, but there are more of unanswered questions in my life now, why cant we just forget everything and fear Allah, Love Allah, Trust Allah?? What’s keeping us away from these things? Fear of losing the luxuries?? Was my teacher right? Are we not even Muslims??

We’ve to think and realize it soon, before its too late.

P.S: I wanted to write lots more… but later InshaAllah :) !


Hiya... I guess I am back !! What ? :P you thought I am dead.. well.. my previous posts might have given you that idea.. but luckily... by the prayers of my well wishers I am still healthy wealthy! :) [Alhumdulillah]
The good thing about blogging is that it never goes away... and you can always come back to it... so me too.. Back with a Boooooooooommmm!! [now dont ask me what this Booooommm thingy is, coz i dont know it either :P], I just know the First Rain of Karachi... in the month of Sept and year 2005, it made me ALIVE again.

I dont have much to say right now, coz like always I cannot describe my love of Rain in words.. so maybe you can just check out some Beeeee.U.T.FuLL pics of the Rain over here !! :) Have Fun!

I'll be back :P! [Stay Tuned! ]