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Jan - 16 - 2012

Hope Prevails ...


... a point of agreement

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Okay... that was my friend NuRpUr's mischievous hand behind that post!! She just did this in "seconds" when I turned around to talk to someone! Great going Noooor!

We think accidents happen to others only... and even if we see some accident, we only feel pity for them and move on... but we always forget we are no EXCEPTIONS. And such things can happen to us too... or maybe WORSE.

Somethings, that leave you only shattered to pieces, and you cant stand up to live again. Somethings that take everything away, Somethings that make you worse than D.E.A.D! Those somethings can happen to us, and we are all human beings.

and we just always forget that we are Human beings.

Assalaam O Alaikum,

Just stopped by to drop this line..

" Prayyyyy for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" , Yeah, you got it... I am having my exams. Okay, though they're just Mid terms, but exams are exams... and they suck!!

Wanted to write lots... but not getting the time , I'll be back soon!

Till then, you can browse the links below,

  • Refresh your Iman [My new blog, its all about my Religion]
  • Karachi Metroblogging [Just started to write here tooo, hope you enjoy it]
  • M ' Diary [Oooopss , its a restricted area, keep out :P.. ]

Wish me luck... and Pray for me... !! Miltay hain, Break kay baad... Same place, same blog with the same old boring author!!

Fi Aman Allah.

Assalaam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

Eid is here.... and Allah has given us a chance to show our love for Him, and for His people. Lets celebrate this eid in a different way... and instead of taking "Eidi" from our elders, give it to the ones waiting in the other part of Pakistan, lets give them a ray of sunshine in their darkest hours of life, lets fill their faces with smiles instead of fear, lets give their eyes the shine, instead of tears!!!

Please send "Eidi" items , small gifts, packed, to the kids suffering in the effected area. They dont know what has happened to them and why... but they'll be knowing this that this eid of theirs would be different than usual.. we can still make them feel at home... and make their eid a happy one.

Eidi Items can be given at COD, or infront of EXPO CENTER, or at a camp at MAI KOLACHI. (Karachi, Pakistan)
Useful things if given as eidi, would be of double use to them.. e.g good books, stationary stuff, or shoes, sweaters, dresses, and bangles and Henna for Girls, sweets, candies toffees, and biscuits etc.
And if you pack them nicely in gift wrapping papers... with your name on it, it'd be even better :)!

Donate generously, and I am sure Allah will make this Eid of yours Double Blessed one, InshaAllah and Ameen!

P.S: Thanks to Geo Tv for the nice Tag Line.

Fi Aman Allah.