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"OUCH"... the moment I saw a finger coming towards my eyes... I screamed. "Aaaaaaaa!!! Ah...."
"Ya Allah... you're not even letting me touch it... dont close your eyes!!" sis started to get angry.
"I am NOT closing my eyes... it hurts..." I was already fed up. I tried to get it out by myself.... and after trying for more than 10 mins, I passed this duty to my Sis. She too tried for 5 mins. My eyes were all red, and were hurting so much... not because of them, but because of US. I gave up... when I could stand no more of the burning. And I had to sleep with that thing in my Eye.... can you BELIEVE???

Contact Lenses!!! YUCK... that was just the 3rd time I wore them... and all the three times... they were to put in my eyes forcefully.. once by my Mami, then next two times by my Sis. And all the three times, I was not able to open my eyes for 5 mins. Whosoever invented those must be a really cruel person! [Astaghfurullah]

I don't find any use of them, they just always irritate.. my eyes keeps on rolling.... vision getting blur every moment and still all my family members keeps on forcing me to wear them. I never bought them, I never put them on, lol.. I still dont know how to... so how would I know how to put them off!!! Duh.

Not any More.... this thing ain't for me... though it was ME who got it out at last... after a pathetic clash of 5 mins with my eyes. I won. Eyes were dead... red with blood. I was able to see after sooooo many long seconds. hehehe.. [Alhumdulillah]

Hmmmm I should go get my Glasses now...

*Puts on her glasses**

"Btw, theres One good thing bout Contact Lenses.... err... they make the vision clearer!!" :D


5 Responses so far.

  1. syedt says:

    lol... I always wanted to wear contacts... but i guess i m too careless and sensitive.. therefore i cant wear...

  2. WardaH says:

    hey munn DO join the I H-A-T-E lenses club!
    im wid u!
    i just hate THOSE round,glassy,glossy,small mess!
    i mean they REALLY look good but after SUCH a scene?
    NO WAY!
    and hey congratulates after a long long time u r back to ur old self!

  3. WardaH says:
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  4. MOoN says:

    Syedt: Uffff... :P, Mr. Sensitive :P... gosh.. aaj kal larkon kay larkiyon say ziyada nakhray hain :P ... LoL..

    Ask my sisters if you wanna know how fuss and noise i always create when they try to put those things in my eyes.. hehehe.

    Wardah: Hey... wheres that CLUB.. I love CLUBS... I want to join it asap!! ;)

  5. syedt says:

    Happy B day.. May this day be the gateway to happiness... Ameen...!!!