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Day 0 : It was dont know what times I rubbed my left eye. W asked if everything is alright... my answer was YES, as I didn't know whats going to happen next....
This very day I went to My Eye Specialist Mami.. and she gave me these eye drops, "Spersanicol", to use.

Day 1: Woke up at 6:00... watching mirror is one of my fav. hobby... so there was no particular reason to be standing infront of it in the morning at 6:15. But Oh My Goodness.. :'(... left of my eye was whole swell... it was looking really weird... I had my Stats' quiz today.. but more importantly.. one of my sweeetest Friend's birthday. I was really worried, rather confused... what to do... this was for sure.. that I got "Conjectivitus" (Check the spellings for yourself). Thanks to all my friends... they all understood.. and handled it all for me. Day went fine.. just rested, the pain was bearable.

Day 2: Luckily we had the day off... Alhumdulillah... I had not to worry for the loss of studies. I kept showing my eyes to my Eye Consultant, my Mami. And she kept assuring me... that it is very much better... you should be thankful... your eyes didn't get red either.
It started raining at night. Light went off... and we were all on the roof. I sat there on a stool... at an angle only my hands and feet were getting wet. This was the first time ever in my life.. I wasn't enjoying the light shower.. I felt like now I never would. My eyes had starting hurting more.

Day 3: Everyday we get up...without even noticing.. that we're Alive.. all our body parts are safe and at their places. Alhumdulillah. But Allah do make you realize... now and then. Only if you understand. First thing I did was to touch my eyes. At their Place.. Alhumdulillah. But they felt sooo soft. Softer than a rose petal. I washed them. And dared watching in the Mirror. This time both of my eyes were swelled. Thanks God, I didn't scream.
It was raining... and I could only enjoy it watching. But thats lovely too.... just the "Tip Tip" sound... beautiful green and wet scenes, actually is a source of Peace.
Okay.. I did enjoy.. with the sunglasses [for the first time in my life] on my eyes... spent almost all my day out with my sisters.
Mami has started the antibiotic eye drops for me, called "Florom" something.. now lets see... what wonderts it does. :S ... she said... it'll get worse. :(

Day 4: Did I tell you... my eyes are allll sooooooooooo RED now , toooo much Red ouch.. it hurts now. [I always loved RED eyes.. but now Cannot even watch the mirror.] Thanks to my Friend, she told me what "Vitus" means... so now I am feeling THAT..
I rested most of the day today. That was one way to stay away from the pain, but not... coz it was hurting that way too.. I didn't know at what angle to put my head.. so that I get the rest. And dont know at what angle I sleep... that now I am having this pain in my shoulder too....:S
And did I tell... I started having Fever too... and yeah... Flu. It got cold coz of the rain.. so "cold" it is. hehehe.. maybe theres another reason to it. I used 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8 ice cubes... to relax my eyes. Dont know, they didn't make any difference... yet... I got a lil relaxation. And i've been wasting a WHOLE box of TISSUE PAPERS...coz my eyes are watering so much..
May Allah Help me..... Please... Pray for me. Maybe I know now what my Mami meant by saying "WORSE!"

Day 5 : I want to Cry...... I want to Jump on my toes.... I want to Sccrrrrreeeaaaammmm!!! like..." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OUCH!" . I was wrong. I didn't know what "Worse" means... no... I know now. WHEN YOU JUST CANT OPEN YOUR EYES.... and they HURT tooooo much... and when you feel like dying... i guess that is the "worst" condition. I wondered if I'll ever be able to open my eyes again.

The Medicine ain't doing a effect I guess.. moreover... as always and always my Mami says.. that "Its VIRAL... it'll complete its cycle... and will finish on its TIME...." and today she said this too...".. you're having a Severe one... it may continue till 10 days...." , ouch, ouch, ouch!

But Thanks a Billllllliiiiiioooooonnnnnnn to my LOVELY friends... for their prayers. Till evening, I was able to watch a lil. And here I am now.... Hmmmmm.... Cant say that I am feeling better... but... Alhumdulillah.

I just wish.... the WORST does not WORSEN.... you too... PRRRRAAYYYYY!!!!!

Signing Off.

P.S: Okay... I know my weblog now looks like a Medical History of Mine... but do you care :P?