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Yeah... I am talking about THIS. Now that today I am up on time... infact, long before time... I cant go to my University. Sad, indeed. [will miss the Cool Breeze :( ]

The most irritating part is, I CANT SLEEEEEP AGAIN!!!! I tried and tried and tried... but now I feel so fresh that its hard even to tell myself that I can sleep!

Personally I am " NOT " in favor of these strikes in Pakistan. I condemn those cartoons just as much as Any Muslim, but this is not the way to defend our dignity or religion.
What are we getting by ruining our own Assets, stealing from the shops, taking advantage of these strikes, joining just to have fun, and lying to our ownselves??? How we'll protect our religion by hurting our Muslim brothers?? How are we going to make up for the loss of our Time, Education, Business of One Whole Day???

Give it a thought...
The thing to worry about is not "How we make the ' Kuffar ' apologize?" but "How they got this courage to do such a thing against Muslims?"

My Sir told us a story from the days of Rasul Allah SAW, how only few people started the "tabligh" without any fear or resources...

Some messengers of Rasul Allah SAW went to a King and gave him Dawa' of Islam, he asked them who you are, and they answered proudly and fearlessly,
" We are the ones who straighten the spoiled ones."
the King answered:
" We got a religion, but we left it... that is why we are at this level now that you can talk to us like this! "
Just in Years, Islam spread so quickly that it could be found in all four corners of this world. That was the time when kuffar feared Muslims, and they couldn't have said even a word against them. At that time Muslims had only one objective, Live for Allah, die for Him.

Today we've left our "Deen", we've lost our dignity, we've ruined everything by our own hands, worst of all, we've ruined the reputation of our religion, our Beloved Prophet SAW ourselves by not following his footsteps, by not following Allah's orders, by not being the Muslims we are supposed to be! We've invited the Kuffars to insult us in any way they want...

Its a moment to cry, its a moment to realize and its a moment of action...
Action not as in the shape of strikes and rallies, but to analyze ourselves and be the Real Muslims. How fair are We with our religion, that we get angry if a Kaffir is not!?? I believe we can protect our religion better if we are better Muslims and united.

Maybe I am wrong in all what I said above, but I'll be glad if you can correct me.

Signing Off.
Fi Aman Allah.