On the Mountains so high... One stood so tall, She Touched the Sky, The stars began to Fall!!!

Zargrifth - The Book
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Me: He'll be leaving soon for KSA.
T: This is sad.
T: Yay hi dastoor e zindagi hai. [This is the constitution of life]
Me: Maa baap ko akela chore daina? [Leaving your Parents Alone?]
T: Kia karein, Majboori hai. [What can we do, It is beyond our control.]
T: Har aik ko jana parta hai. [Everyone has to leave]
T: It is Life.

Something is stuck in my throat, and even after half an hour, I am not able to digest the above conversation. I've nothing to do with the person who is leaving, nor does my Aunt “T”. I don't blame her for saying all that; she was only trying to be "understanding".

And I agree, 110% this is Life. But Life what we’ve chosen... not life what it meant to be [or should've been].

This is one horrendous truth, all the bad things happen around us, to us, to our loved ones and we cannot do anything about it. We witness the bitter facts, feel the pain in our hearts, and then go on with our lives. The worse happens to you and you say: "This is life". You lose someone dear to you and you get to hear: "Life Goes On..".

I couldn't get my hands on the "Book of Life" up till now. The book which defines all the rules and regulations of life. Which tells us that "Life" is responsible for all the tragedies and disasters. The Book which makes you believe you’re unfortunate because it’s the fault of “Life”. And why should I find one? Its not written anywhere.

You accept the malice once on yourself, and you’ll be the target all your life. It is our fault we’re in such miserable situation. It is our fault if we’re not happy and it is our fault if we accept what we don’t deserve. Its not life that makes us, but we make our lives the way it is. It is our fault that we are following the non-muslim propaganda of life blindly, we're so into the worldly stuff that we've forgotten what Life actually is.

Maybe I am no one to decide who is at fault, but only if we start living the way it is supposed to be, i.e by following the Quran and Sunnah then Trust me, Life [and life hereafter] would be Better not only for you but for the people around you [INSHA ALLAH]. You won’t have to worry for the “bread and butter” but only Allah’s happiness. And Allah’s happiness is in taking care of your Parents.

Remember, Life doesn't go on forever... but has an End. And when it ends... !!!

May Allah give us all Hidayah, forgive our sins and grant us place in Jannat ul Firdos, Ameen.

Anyone who acts rightly, male or female, being a believer, We will give them a good life and We will recompense them according to the best of what they did. (Surat an-Nahl: 97)

Fee Amanillah.

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