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Zargrifth - The Book
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“Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Wakeel”

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

7:00 Am

I open my side of window and let the cool morning breeze rush inside the small area of the van. The day has started with its usual pace and I am on my way to the institute [after a wonderful Sahoor prepared by my Grandmother] where another usual day is awaiting.

Days are very specifically scheduled in the month of Ramadan and we spend it like any other day at University, only fully aware we're fasting and avoiding most of our usual behavior and actions [including studying]. Still till the end of the day we're tired like anything and expect people not to ask us to help with any extra chores.

I plan not to think about the deficiencies from my side but to concentrate on the blessings and wonders Allah has created [SUBHAN ALLAH], which are spread all around you in shape of beautiful nature so clean [which overcomes the man-made-pollution anyway], the everyday Miracle in form of little kids, worry free and happy, birds, trees, wind, vegetables and fruits on the cart for sale...

...reminds me of the Iftaar time in 10-11 hours to come and my only duty to make "fruit chaat" (mixed fruits nicely cut and toppled with sugar and black pepper), which no one has assigned me but I feel obligated to perform. I decide to make it with variations today in order to provide a feast for my lovely Grandmother at Iftaar, that is the least I can do for them.

I feel at peace after deciding a payback for the unnumbered favors by the caring, angel-like, always on her toes, never complaining or scolding, motherly, Grandmother, my Nani. Only in the time to come I’ll get to know that preparing a thousand meals, sahoor, iftaar can never compensate for the least she did for me.

I continue to observe around and waste my day in the usual manner.

6:15 pm

I quietly, hesitantly sit at the table which is already set for the Iftaar, containing two dishes [Three if you count dates, and four if you include the Drinks]. The third was supposed to be there but I overslept. I busy myself in praying, one of the reasons, so I don’t have to talk to my Granny. Just as she shoves a date in my hand, I feel compelled to explain…

“There were no fruits…” I start guiltily.
“Really? Just bought them yesterday!?”, she doesn’t have even slightest suspicion or complain. Never rely on your past knowledge! I tell myself and slips even lower on the chair so I may hide my guilt.
“Theres enough, Thanks to Allah.” She says really politely and I feel worse.
“You know, I couldn’t decide what to make for iftaar. There was no yoghurt and we’re short of flour. But has Allah not promised He’d provide us with food? And the “rizq” gets double in Ramadan, Alhumdulillah.” She continues while pouring me a glass of Rooh Afza drink. I know she understands and is trying to make me feel better, rather she has a point here.

We break our fasts as the Maghrib Adhan begins. I eat and I eat much from what I thought was little, and I am already full ALHUMDULILLAH.

It is Allah who “provides”, Allah who sprinkles “Barakah” in what you eat, drink, wear, do. Why I thought I could add some luxury in already luxurious Iftaar, or why I thought I’d provide my Granny with a feast while Allah has already taken care of it!?? Allah shows you He is the Owner, Creator, The Only One, Eternal One, Provider.. The Greatest and Most Merciful, and we’re No One, Really.

“See, it was just a matter of 5 minutes!” my Granny smiles.“We don’t even have to work so hard, or to worry what to eat, when it’ll all be gone so soon.” She leaves the table. I secretly admire her for her care and understanding and wonders how to Thank Allah for all His blessings, for giving me such a wonderful Granny, giving me time for realization and for granting me the most satisfactory and “Perfect Iftaar” in my lifetime.

I can never thank Him enough , “Innallaha Ala Kul’le Shaii’in Qadeer”.

Is Taudi U Kumullah.

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