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Zargrifth - The Book
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“Happa!!!” the , now two years old, baby bumps into her and grabs her by her legs, the far she can reach her mother. She laughs and tells her to stay away from the stove. Her hands are moving fast. Once she’s mashed the potatoes, she’s now putting cream, chicken stock and adding flavors to it, a little different this time. “Goudi!!!”, the baby demands. She pushes her away. Baby is not happy with it but busies herself in other interesting items present in the kitchen. She checks the baby from the corner of her eye, satisfied, she continues her work.
A new recipe everyday is essential in order to feed the baby. She’s tried ‘em all up till now, even the combinations and variations. Oats, Mashed Bananas, Cream and honey with bread, Cheese with Paratha, Halwa, Scrambled eggs and fries, Butter and Rice, Mango pulp with fresh cream, Mashed-every-seasons-fruits, Potatoes-this, Potatoes-that .. what not? Feeding baby is always an adventure. Once the batter is ready, she puts the food in the baby utensils and prepares herself for the baby-battle-against-food.
First step is to catch her unaware. Has the baby seen the look in her mother’s eyes, she is already running and laughing. Before she gets to her, the baby has hidden herself beneath the coffee table. She calls her name. The baby giggles. She could let go of her on such cuteness but no compromises on her diet, she reminds herself. The baby is trapped, which makes it easy for her to drag her out. Rest of the steps are enacted fast and before the baby knows she is bounded under her mother’s leg, her hands firmly held by one of her mothers.
Mixed expressions of shock and horror can be seen on the baby’s face just as she lowers the spoon full of Mashed-potatoes to baby’s mouth. First one goes easy. The baby gulps it rather difficultly after keeping it in mouth for a complete analysis. Second spoonful then Third. Fourth commences the struggle for freedom. But she manages to force it in the tiny mouth. By the fifth one, baby succeeds in freeing one of her hands, which she uses to push back her mother’s hand. Mashed-potatoes out of the spoon flies and land on the couch. But she is also a Mother, not ready to surrender. Scolding, she bounds her hands again.
Sixth, Seventh and Eighth. By now the tears are flowing from baby’s eyes. The first silent cries are now turning into small screams. The baby moves uncomfortably under her mother’s hold, still trying to free herself. The ninth one, and the baby has enough of it! Using all her energy the baby twists and slips from her mother’s embrace. Her cries are louder now and her face expressions are a proof of how much she disliked the treatment with her. She now tries every mother’s strategy at this kind of situation; love. She embraces the baby gently and calls her politely with a kiss. Slowly trying to feed the baby another serving. But kids have no second opinion. The food is rejected with the same intensity.
Few more tries, and the mother has to give up! Doubtful if she’s fed the baby enough, she leaves her with a sigh. The baby, content with her success, is now playing with her teddy and tea set. The worry-free baby knows no one can make her eat mashed-potatoes ever again. The Mother is thinking; postponing mashed-potatoes till next week she will try “Soojhi ka Halwa” next.
Ctrl+S. She saves the piece of work on her laptop and grabs the few last bites of her Mashed-Potatoes and Fried Sausages.
How often do we wish to be a child again? The worry-free and happy life, constant care, no work just games, sleeping at the wrong hours, getting up as desired and not to forget lots of chips and candies. All that one can dream of.
Her thoughts flow smoothly as she chews slowly, but miserably. She has it all again, but at a price that costs her life. She tries to grab the glass of water at her bedside but her faltering hand doesn’t allow. She does not deserve this, angry thoughts take over. Helpless in her bed, she closes her eyes and let the tears escape from the corners.
And as always, the Mother comes to the rescue. After the course of medicines, she shoves a glass full of milk in her hands. She screams and resists. Just like the baby. But mother is not going to compromise on her diet, not this time. She embraces her, kisses her forehead and sits by her side, while she falls asleep again.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!


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