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Zargrifth - The Book
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Last week, i.e my first week in the University after the vacations, a Sir of one subject introduced himself, then he asked us a weird question. "Do you fear?" , more or less all of us were expecting him to ask things about us. [But now i've to agree that it was the best question he could put forward to know about us!], we started to think of the things we fear, cockroaches, mice, exams, fear of failing, future, Jin/ghosts, accidents, death... and what not!?

His next question was, “Why do we fear?”, something I never thought about! But his next statement made me think A LOT. He said, that a person who’s got even a LITTLE fear about Anything at all, is NOT A MUSLIM. I was shocked to hear that, Not EVEN a MUSLIM?? I was thinking what is my fault in it.. if I fear from flying cockroaches, BIG trucks and Mini Buses which people drive crazily? Why he is saying I am Not a Muslim?? I pray, I fear Allah, I try to avoid bad things, sins... and whatever I can!? I wanted more explanation; I wanted to know what is wrong in fearing?

He did elaborate, but left more for us to think. We’re the “Ashraf ul Makhlooqaat”, that is something that we always forget. Jins follow us Human beings, and I shouldn’t act like cockroaches anyway, i.e. seeing them and running away from them screaming, like they do [though i cant hear their screams, but I am sure they do scream by watching Giants like us! Everyone loves to Live.]… I’ve my mind instead.. And I’ve total control over them; I am “Ashraf” than them. And death…? Maybe at times I’d say that I don’t fear death… but if any Car passes by narrowly in a fast speed, I do get a shock that anything could happen. Its because we are too much involved in worldly things that we’ve forgotten the life after death, the real life. We’ve forgotten our Allah; we’ve forgotten what we are here for! This world is not for us Muslims, anyway!

".... now that you are not being, but rather a human being which knows fear all too well, can you honestly say you have moved even an inch closer to eternal peace and joy? Look from your own experience, is anyone that you know abiding constantly in deep harmonic peace? Are they even happy 85% of the time? I in form know of only one being that is happy over 85% of the time. He is my son aged 14 months. He is the most enlightened humanbeing I know.

In a few years time he will be indoctrinated to live in fear and enlightement will be hidden from him. He will no longer live in the loving embrace that is I; instead he will experience doubt, guilt, shame, anxiety and apprehension. He will become a human being and miss the divinity that is always before his. "[Abstract from “Being Human” by Aneek Saleh Mohammad]

Found this article really interesting… and it made me realize more things in my life, my Sweet neighbor Omer, of 9 months only, he’s just started to walk. Two days ago, I was enjoying watching him walk… balancing himself by his hands, taking two steps, then stopping, laughing on his achievements, then again taking two or three steps.. balancing again but falling on the floor still managing to keep himself away from harm. I was just behind him… keeping a watch on his every move.. to prevent him from falling. But I didn’t need to give him support even once, while a heart beat of my heart used to skip on every misbalance of his.. He was smiling and still trying. There was NO FEAR in his heart.. I could see it through… while maybe, I didn’t leave it on Allah completely… to take care of the lil child!? HE loves us more, and HE keeps us save from all harm. Then why cant I trust HIM only!?

“ Everything is loved unconditionally, unequivocally, eternally. God loves unconditionally. God does not care what you have done or what you are about to do. You are loved regardless of any action, any thought or any emotion, no matter how bad you imagine them to be. You cannot escape from His Love; try though you might!”

I got some of my answers, but there are more of unanswered questions in my life now, why cant we just forget everything and fear Allah, Love Allah, Trust Allah?? What’s keeping us away from these things? Fear of losing the luxuries?? Was my teacher right? Are we not even Muslims??

We’ve to think and realize it soon, before its too late.

P.S: I wanted to write lots more… but later InshaAllah :) !