On the Mountains so high... One stood so tall, She Touched the Sky, The stars began to Fall!!!

Zargrifth - The Book
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Do you know what a really fun thing to get your mom to do when you stay home from school because you are sick?

You get out all of you’re My Little Ponies from McDonalds and have her do their hair. You can have one with a braid, one with a ponytail, one with a bun, one with two braids, etc… Mom says that they all need lots of hair conditioner!

My mom thinks she knows why they call them “My Little Ponies.” It is because every single child my age is fixated on the word “mine.” Every toy in the world might sell better if they called it “My Polly Pockets” or “My Strawberry Shortcake.” The child may not even be interested in the toy itself, but rather the possession of it. “It’s mine!” is the most common sentence uttered among children, especially when in a group.
[Excerpt from Cassiopeia's Diary]

"Maybe I never Grew OLD.. I keep MY things with ME.. and its "My Little Hurt" which is dear to me, I like to play with it, give it new faces everytime. Dont take it away from me please. Its the only thing which is MINE only."