On the Mountains so high... One stood so tall, She Touched the Sky, The stars began to Fall!!!

Zargrifth - The Book
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Hiya... I guess I am back !! What ? :P you thought I am dead.. well.. my previous posts might have given you that idea.. but luckily... by the prayers of my well wishers I am still healthy wealthy! :) [Alhumdulillah]
The good thing about blogging is that it never goes away... and you can always come back to it... so me too.. Back with a Boooooooooommmm!! [now dont ask me what this Booooommm thingy is, coz i dont know it either :P], I just know the First Rain of Karachi... in the month of Sept and year 2005, it made me ALIVE again.

I dont have much to say right now, coz like always I cannot describe my love of Rain in words.. so maybe you can just check out some Beeeee.U.T.FuLL pics of the Rain over here !! :) Have Fun!

I'll be back :P! [Stay Tuned! ]