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Assalaam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

With the "depression" caused on the earth by the earthquakes... the depression in the people of Karachi has been doubled. While I remember the spirits of Karachiites on the first day of quake, the way they wanted to help, the way they volunteered and worked day and night, for hours and hours... it all has lessened gradually. It is not that the spirits died... but they've been overcome by the fears and doubts.

The gloomy atmosphere around me makes me feel more depressed. Everyday I enter my University with a fear in my heart, that I might hear a bad news about something... someone's death, the daily after shocks in those areas, and Pre-shocks[of Tsunami, what some says!] in Karachi, which jolts the hearts of Karachiites everytime they occur. I feel guilty of smiling or laughing with such situation around.

Just hearing the news of earthquake on all the Pakistani channels, watching the destruction caused by them, people dying, death-toll rising day by day, people suffering, crying, pleading for help... Little innocent children without their parents, loss of whole families, their shelters.. all of this can make anyone vomit.

I dont know about many homes, or many people.. what they think.. what they're doing... but I can say this without any doubt that all of us, who still have got some humanity left in us... cant stop thinking and praying for the effected people.

I feel people in Pakistan are losing hopes. Lately I've been hearing a lot from my family and friends, the discussions about "End of Time", "Death", "Sufferings" and all. But what I dont hear is what they're doing for all this. People are worried about the prediction of Tsunami in Karachi and the earthquakes [courtesy of Mamooun, :S ], and they all fear from the destruction and death and are making their minds and preparing themselves for any similar disaster. But have they still given it a thought that what they should be actually preparing themselves for?

If its really almost the "END OF TIME", do you or I find ourselves prepared for it in reality? If we die today, will we die peacefully?

Do we have enough good deeds to rely on, for the lives hereafter!?

Lately, I got chance to go out... and I was more than surprised to see the kind of "Rush", I've NEVER seen at Millennium Mall (Karachi), people shopping crazily, as if they really wont get a chance again to shop. And not just that, I never saw ANY change at all... in the "MUSLIMS" of Paksitan.

* Remark: I DONT count myself out of all this, so NO OFFENSE to Anyone intended. [Just went out last night to buy some books! :P]

OR maybe, things are getting Normal. I dont like this state of normalizing either. People are forgetting what happened in the Northern Pakistan, because they have not yet experienced it. Its not out of the SIGHT yet, still people are trying to put it off their MINDS...

We all need a change, we need to realize and follow the true path, moreover, if we've worked this much uptil now, we are not supposed to stop... we still have to help our fellow Pakistanis.

Signing Off!!

Fi Aman Allah.

P.S: 1)Why only about Karachi? Coz "Me" living in Karachi, and observing the limited people around me.
2) Whatever I said in this post is just what I SEE , what I OBSERVE, and what I THINK... its not necessary for you to agree with it.

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