On the Mountains so high... One stood so tall, She Touched the Sky, The stars began to Fall!!!

Zargrifth - The Book
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Assalaam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu,

I dont know what to say... I am no one to say anything... I am sitting here peacefully while my fellow Muslims are suffering... that too in the Holy month of Ramadan. While I am enjoying the fabulous feasts of Iftaar everyday and they dont have any thing to eat since two or three days.

I can only thank Allah, for keeping us safe, and I can ask for forgiveness, coz we are no less criminals and sinners and I can only PRAY... for all the effected Pakistanis.. May Allah's Mercy be Upon them.

For every wound on their soul... I have a tear,
For every cry of theirs... I have a prayer.
For the hurt in their eyes, and the cracks in their shelters, I shudder.
The innocence on their faces and their terrifying destinies, I whimper.
I dont know why I thought that such a thing cant happen to us. For me "Tsunami", "Katrina" and "Rita" were just for the bigger parts of the world... why on earth such a little country on the surface of the world would be struck by a hurricane or an earthquake?? Maybe I couldn't feel well the sufferings of the people effected by those disasters when I ought to, anyway. You know it when it happens to you, your family and your Nation.

For a sign and a thought, by all these Punishments of Allah on our wrong doings, especially after the BIG incidents of Afghanistan and Iraq wars and our ignorance towards the true belief... theres no better way of teaching us the way to real meanings of life, "loving the mankind". For we always forget that its Allah who gives, and its Allah who takes it away. He can make you feel more helpless than a small Ant when He wants, and He is the one who grants a new hope everytime.

While its the biggest destruction ever, in the history of Pakistan, I've felt it for the first time... that WE ARE ONE!! Our Pain, Strain and Shame is the same. For once atleast, everyone has put off the ugly masks of races from their faces, and have stood together to serve for Pakistan, their Nation, and their People.

Coming to see... not just Pakistanis... when the whole World is there for you to help you out from trouble and difficult time... one can always hope and dream for a better future; "The Whole World as One" !! Allah knows the ways to bring us all together and to restrain from our sins. Alhumdulillah.