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In the whole last week, since the earthquake brought the mass destruction in the lives of Pakistanis we've seen enough responses from all over the world and the Passionate Pakistanis working day and night to make available the stuff our fellow Pakistanis need.

While everyone is trying their best efforts.. the question that arises over here is that is it all Enough?

" All the agencies are now co-ordinated and united - but that doesn't mean we have what we need. We are out in the field and we see with our own eyes that things are beyond the government and the army now.

We need international aid from all over the world. " Said Dr Irfan Noor , From remote Odhi district.

The question is how the government should manage the aid for all the areas... and the things they ACTUALLY NEED... we surely lack management in such crisis. Why are we still unable to make available all the comodities for the effected people even when everyone is doing so much?

" Their first need is shelter. Temperatures are extremely low. People now have food and medicine, but shelter is what they desperately need.

The onset of the cold has changed all our priorities.

I can see that relief supplies are coming in, but tents please, more tents. " , from Balakot.

" Supplies have only just reached here. Doctors are performing surgeries but without sterilisation equipment, surgical tools, without proper sanitation even. " Dr Irfan from Mansehra.

Some of the Facts that looked great... but now I wonder if they were enough of a Help.
  • According to some stats available here about 2000 young girls and boys from karachi were there to volunteer at PAF.
  • According to a survey.. ONLY 15% of people have given donations uptil now. Rest are still to be motivated.

" I've seen doctors in tears. They are on the frontline and they are working with people who are dying, people without shelter, sanitation, and they cannot cope with the trauma.

But I have also seen truck upon truck of aid from ordinary Pakistani people. My UN colleagues have told me they have never seen anything like this. It makes me feel proud.

It is the one positive thing amidst all this misery." [Again said Dr. Irfan Noor to BBC]

THERES STILL A LOT FOR US TO DO.... May Allah make available all the ways to reach to our Needy brothers and sisters. AMEEN.

I only feel helpless... just like we are not making enough efforts... I am not praying enough either I guess... the only thing I can contribute. Allah yet has to take our exam and we still have a lot to suffer for the sins we committed. But lets not lose our hopes and courage... our brothers and sisters need us... Lets just do it as much as we can...

Bahria's Contribution :

I thought I'll give you a quick review about My University's Activities... so if that you need to donate... you yet have another source to TRUST.

The Bimaxian Society of Bahria University, Dalmia, Karachi Campus, is doing a really good job in collecting the donations and managing them well with the help of the volunteers of the society and university. They'd be taking all the stuff along with them by their own transport... to the effected areas like Abbottabad and other places. Such trips would be held every week.

Other than that a whole team of volunteers of Bahrians was organized and by the permission of our Director Farid uz Zaman, they'll be going to volunteer for any physical work required in the effected areas where man-power is needed.
Bahrians have donated generously uptil now and we can see still Lots more is required, lets hope the needy people get it as soon as possible.