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Assalaam O Alaikum,

Lately whenever we are having discussions on "Earthquake 2005"... the topic of Eid surely comes up... and I always say that we shouldn't be celebrating EID... on which I always have to hear lots of stuff, before I can finish my sentence!!

I am obviously aware of whats the Significance of Eid in a Muslim's Life. After the end of the Holy month of Ramadan, its a Gift from Allah, on which we can Thank Him and be happy. Where the meanings of Eid itself are "HAPPINESS".

What I mean, and what I always want to say... after all this destruction, with our fellow Muslims, Human Beings, and our Fellow Pakistanis are facing difficult time, they then have some rights on "us" who claim to be Muslims.
If we just cant help them, if we cant cry with them, we shouldn't forget them either...

Those who understand the situation will understand what I want to say... Theres no real Happiness left around. Even if we try to smile, laugh or try to have fun... we shouldn't forget that there are people who are suffering, and there wont be an EID for them this year, while future still remains dark for all of us.

I've never stopped anyone from celebrating EID, its Sunnah to wear new clothes, and to celebrate the occassion of Eid. But at this time... we can do it differently, while completing the Sunnah, we can do it Simply too. Instead of shopping alot, doing the "Asraaf" [Spending extra than necessary/Spending useless] i.e getting an expensive dress (+ 3 or 4 in number), then all the stuff of matching with it, matching shoes, bangles, jewellery... and everything, we can instead buy a simple dress for us, and by the remaining budget of ours, we can buy lil Eidi gifts for the kids in the effected area... or donate it by any other means we can.

Instead of having a "GREAT EID" in one part of Pakistan, and "NO EID" in one part of Pakistan.. we can have Simple Eid... and EID EVERYWHERE in Pakistan.

I am definite, we can get DOUBLE HAPPINESS by doing this, instead of just celebrating it for OURSELVES. Coz I doubt if anyone will be happy anyway... but by making the needy ones happy... Our Allah will be happy with us too then. And theres no bigger happiness than to give others Happiness, Trust me... and Try it!!!

Fi Aman Allah.